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presentation skills






Browser based, no software or installation needed

Slow internet speeds give poor quality audio/video

Works on PC, MAC, LINUX

Must download some plug-ins for some features such as recording meetings

Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera


Use a standard headset/microphone to participate and can use webcam as well as flexible audio, video and chat tools that allow for real-time user feedback

Participation by phone is toll or you have to use a 3rd party to pay for toll-free service or use Mega Meeting toll free audio service for 6.9 cents per minute

Text and chat public and private options available

Requires a purchase of seats, 14 day free trial available

Emails or direct links can be sent to join meetings

Webcam upgrade to show yourself while giving a presentation

Whiteboard sessions can be conducted, screens shared, applications shared and demonstrated and materials presented with full PowerPoint compatibility

$45/mo for 3 attendees

$75/mo for 5 attendees

$150/mo for 10 attendees

$225 /mo for 25 attendees





This video provides a tutorial that shows how easy it is to use Mega Meeting.
How does Mega Meeting promote interaction and higher order thinking?


  1. In e-Mission: Operation Montserrat, a ‘mission commander’ at the center interacts live with the students, relaying reports about lava flow and evacuee progress, showing video clips of ash clouds over the island, and sending seismic data and information about hurricane intensity to students’ laptops. They analyze the information, make predictions about risks, and suggest courses of action.
  2. Collaborative activities typically work toward a practical goal (such as cleaning up rural waters) while helping students develop organizational, collaborative, and leadership skills. 
  3. Video conferencing is a powerful medium for giving students unparalleled access to places (or procedures) they could have only dreamed of in the past. Image watching knee surgery replacement while in IB anatomy class.
  4. Students commentate, share, reflect, and describe experiences to possibly a global audience and experts in their fields.  
How do I use Mega Meeting in my classroom?

Connect with Experts
Meet with the museum curriator, visit with a busy ER doctor or pediatrician, meet with a famous author to discuss the latest novel.  The possibilities are endless.
Virtual Field Trips
Pennsylvania’s Mt. Lebanon School District was able to offer its middle school students a chance to see a volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.  Sit and watch open heart surgery. Show current events as they happen. Eclipses, cyber-events and celebrations such as those which take place during National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Week, and NASA space flights have been broadcast for others to view.   
Students can work with others in a neighboring district, state, or another country.  Students with different background can come together to solve a common problem.
Access Distance Courses
Access courses that are not available at your school.  Especially those in rural areas, are not able to offer advanced or detailed courses that their students might need. Even those in more populated areas often lack enough teachers in certain subject areas. Many schools could benefit from having an extra course over distance learning that they might not be able to offer otherwise. Instead of having to commute long distances between different schools, teachers would be able to instruct over video conferencing.  
Teach the Teachers
Learning is a continual process for teachers, and teachers must acquire a certain number of professional development hours (a percentage of which should be dedicated to technology) to maintain certification, video conferencing offers a convenient way for many school districts to meet these requirements. 

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