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The ShowMe Story - HD from ShowMe on Vimeo.





Free iPad app, easily add ShowMe to Facebook timeline

Only for iPad, but can be viewed at ShowMe.com by anyone

Add ShowMe presentations to Keynote and Prezi presentations

Need a stylus to write neatly

Presentations can be private

You must be alone with no other background noise to record quality audio

Inserting photos took two taps

Must have iPad to create Show Me, Andriod app my be coming soon but no plans for PC applications

Very responsive to movements


Automatically saves as you go


Newsfeeds let you subscribe to topics that may interest you


Many subject levels with other ShowMe's to use




How does ShowMe promote interaction and higher order thinking?


  1. The process of creating and compiling a ShowMe addresses the problem of “wait time” in questioning. All students, regardless of learning style, have the time to consider the prompt and formulate a response before presenting it.

  2. ShowMe presentations foster interaction between students. They can read and review what their fellow classmates create, which can encourage critical thinking as students defend or refute the comments or changes that other collaborators suggest.

  3. Students have a way to compare the quality of their content to content already shared. This provides a interesting twist on peer editing and using student work to model writing skills. Students can add additional information from reliable sources or highlight concerns of other sources used in a project by peers.

  4. The planning and developing process encourages critical reading. Students must learn to carefully read information and gather sources in order to create their presentations.

  5. Students with limited social and/or verbal skills, and who are often unwilling to contribute original ideas in class, may have a more equal footing in online presentations.
  6. The accessibility of theShowMe encourages students to accurately portray information as it "one click" away from viewers.
  7. The flexibility in presenting the information and uploadable images allows for students to critically think about the best ways to organize and present content so that it is easy for viewers to follow. 




How do I use ShowMe in my classroom?


View the links below to see how teachers and students are using ShowMe in their classrooms.









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